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Предлагаются для вязок:Шерман — Mommy-Pommy Sherman White Cloud



Белый миниатюрный мальчик . Курносый. Толстые лапы, крепкая анатомия. Плотная шубка.
Ожидаемый рост 20-22 cm. /

White miniature boy. Strong anatomy, thick paws. Thick coat. «Teddy-bear» type.

Expected size 20-22 cm. 

No flaws.

DOB 23/12/2020

VIDEO — see the link lower — см. ссылку ниже


Родители / Parents:

Sire: Alto’z Hauz If You Want                                       + Dame: Mommy-Pommy Winslet Paradise

   Люся IMG_1427 cut

The puppy was has been raised in the family. In the country. We DO NOT keep our dogs in cages.

Already accustomed to a diaper, dry food.

Health: the puppy is completely healthy.
* At the time of sending the puppy to a new home, it is fully vaccinated and has a microchip.
* Has an international veterinary passport and Euro vet certificate.

Delivery: We help organise puppy shipping with love and care to many countries (Europe, USA, South America). For details, please, contact us.

When buying a puppy, you are guaranteed to receive methodical HELP and advice how to raise your pet, feed it, keep healthy and in good condition.  

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У этого щенка есть братья и сестры, белые и крем. / The puppy has brothers and sisters.

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